Thursday, July 26, 2012

After the 4th, Fourth of July Wreath

I don't know about you but for as long as I can remember, seems like I'm always doing crafts for a holiday, right after the holiday has passed.

I really wanted to display a wreath on my door for the 4th of July. I came across this wreath, featured on Crafts n' Coffee.

It's made from Twizzlers. It's cute and funky, and just what I was looking for for the front door. But the project ended up being an epic failure for me. I used various types of glue to try to adhere the Twizzlers to the Styrofoam wreath. They would adhere for a short while then fall off. I finally gave up on the project.

I still wanted a wreath but it was only 2 days away from the 4th when I decided to make a rag wreath. I purchased all the needed supplies but just didn't have the time to get it completed. So after the fourth, I've been working on it as time allows and finally completed my post 4th of July wreath this past week.

So even though it's after the 4th, I thought I would show my new wreath. Must say that I'm right proud of myself. This is my first time doing a rag wreath but dare I say that it will not be my last rag wreath.