Monday, June 18, 2012

Kitchen Drawers

I'm on a mini roll as far as posting. :)

Today, I'm going to show you how I tackled my kitchen drawers. Sorry I don't have any before pics, but I was well on my way to decluttering before I even thought about starting a blog about my organization, etc.

Before I organized my drawers, I can tell you that my everyday cutlery, a Reed and Barton set that I got from QVC, was in a chest. For the most part, the chest served it's purpose but the knives were too heavy for the lid and had decimated most of the knife storage after a few years. Every time I raised the lid, all of the knives would fall out. Trust me it was not pretty. At first, I thought about buying another chest but I really like having my cutlery in a drawer. So I finally figured out the best way to do this, drawer organizers, which work so much better than the cutlery trays with the slots.

For the kitchen, I settled on the Linus Collection of drawer organizers that are available from The Container Store. Folks I tell you, I never knew one product could make such a difference but these pics that follow are proof. And yes, I've managed to keep my kitchen drawers organized and I completed the organization of cutlery, kitchen tools, junk drawer, etc. about 4 months ago.

Just look at my drawers

Cutlery Drawer

Kitchen Tools Drawer #1

Kitchen Tools Drawer #2

Junk Drawer

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  1. Great collection of yours. I have some new kitchen organizers i bought last week and i am glad how my kitchen stuffs are organized and it's easy to install.