Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Little Fall Decorating

Because I've had so much going on this year, I'm not going to have an opportunity to get the house all dolled up for Halloween. In fact I'm not even sure there will be much seasonal decoration.

That being said, I did manage to create a little fall candle garden for my coffee table. I seem to have fallen in love with birch this year especially birch candles. This all seemed to happen when I fell in love with this Pottery Barn inspiration picture.

Here's the problem though, I can't afford Pottery Barn prices and so begin my search for affordable Birch Candles when I came across actual birch candles from World Market.

I actually like the World Market Candles better than the Pottery Barn ones because they use actual birch bark and are not just painted to simulate birch.

So here is my rendition of the Pottery Barn look.

In addition to the candles, I also picked up the large hurricane from World Market. The tray is from IKEA and the gold acorns came from Pier 1. I did purchase one thing from Pottery Barn and that would be the pine cone vase filler. I already had the two smaller hurricanes that contain the tapers and they came from Dollar Tree.

Here's a view of the candle garden with burlap underneath the tray. To me, it just screams fall.

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  1. Hi Mavis, you asked about my top hat. I have had it for several years and forget where I found it but it actually was supposed to be a tree topper, I think. Maybe if you google, "top hat tree toppers" you might find one???? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!