Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beginning of Backyard Revamp - Phase 1 (Con't)

The first part of Phase 1 of the backyard revamp was to totally clear out the forest. After getting several quotes, I actually decided to go with the highest quote, which was Hyatt Landscaping. Why you may ask, did I go with the highest quote? 1) They were the only ones that seemed to fully understand the scope of the project and exactly what I wanted. Several people just talked about pushing everything back into the forested area;  2)they were honest about what to expect. There is a lot of ivy growing on the floor of the natural area with deep and widely dispersed roots. They told me they couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't have some ivy popping through but it would be easier to deal with  and 3) they gave me tips to save money, such as hire a fencing contractor instead of using them as they would just be the middle man.

The clearing out of the jungle was schedule for Feb 7th. A few days before Snowmaggedon 2014 struck. I was thankful that they were able to finish the project in one day.

I was immediately struck with the transformation of my yard.

Although it's a bit difficult to tell in these pictures, but I literally doubled my backyard.

One more step to go for Phase 1, fencing, which I will show in my next post.

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