Sunday, March 12, 2017

40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge - Reclaiming the Family Room

This year is really flying by. It's hard to believe that Week 1 of the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge by Ann Marie of White House Black Shutters is already in the rear view mirror. Surprisingly, even though I've been highly motivated to do this challenge, I'm still struggling with getting it done.

Since my mother has come to live with me, my life seems to revolve around Work and Cooking. Usually soon as I finish dinner and we eat, I sit down and drop off to sleep no matter how much I would like to get done.

For some reason though, Thursday and Friday were different than the earlier days of the week. So I buckled down, determined to see a project through to completion and started tackling the coffee table and sofa in my living room / family room.

Day 9 - Coffee Table

I didn't take any before pictures of the coffee table (too embarrassed) but I'll try to paint a visual picture. 1) like the Bathroom Vanity, you couldn't even see the surface of the table, 2) the clutter was piled at least a foot high and 3) there was so much of it that it was falling in the floor around and beneath the table.

So, I started with pulling out a garbage bag for the things that would go in the trash and bag for recycling. Turns out, I needed a total of 5 bags (1 for trash, 1 for recycle, 1 for the things to go in the shredder and 2 for things that belonged in other areas of the house).

And here is my cleared off coffee table with the aforementioned bags in front of it.

Day 10 - The Sofa

Even though I'm ashamed to show these pictures, here is a before picture of the sofa.

For awhile now, I've seem to have a perpetual pile of clean clothes on the sofa that never fully got put away. Somewhere, along the way, I tossed a few non clothes items there, too. But this time, I was determined to get to the finalization stage of clearing off the sofa. And yes, I managed to do it. Three cheers for me.

So, here is the final look.

With the sofa, I didn't fill any bags  but oh the high from finally getting this area of my house back in order. Now my momma has some place else to sit besides at the kitchen table.

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